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Legal Sector

Businesses within the legal sector will be subject to numerous regulations. We help organisations such as law firms, legal service providers, sole traders and freelance solicitors with their commercial, employment and data protection related matters.


Get legal advice on all employment related matters such as contracts, exits, performance management, promotions or employment status and ensure that all your documents are in place and are compliant.


Protect your interests by getting shareholder and partnership agreements and articles of associations. Protect your business by getting terms of business and client care letters in place.

Data Protection

Every legal service provider must ensure that they comply with data protection laws as failure to do so may subject them to penalties by both SRA and ICO. We assist law firms and legal service providers with their GDPR compliance.

Project Management

Any time you undertake a project, for example preparing for exit, you will need to comply with employment data protection laws and SRA regulations. Get legal assistance throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Documents & Templates

Access to our document data base including employment contracts, non disclosure agreements, staff handbooks, GDPR compliance documents, office manuals and many more that are created for your industry.


We provide bespoke training for your management and staff on issues like equality and diversity, GDPR compliance, sexual harassment, anti money laundering and many more.

Our Documents and Templates

Our portfolio of carefully drafted and editable documents and contract templates are specifically designed for your industry and are aimed to get you started on general compliance. 

Legal Industry – HR Pack

Our Legal Industry HR Pack includes all the necessary documents and guides on law firm or legal service provider recruitment. The pack includes all relevant contracts (such as fee earner and support staff), privacy notices for candidates and employees, consultant solicitor contract that addresses the IR35 changes, staff handbook for law firms, job descriptions and other important documents that you must have if you are recruiting… read more

Website Pack

Legal Industry – Website Pack

If you operate a website, you must comply not only with General Data Protection Law, but also with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. Our Website pack includes Privacy Notice which tells your website users and prospective clients how you will process their personal data, a Cookie Policy and Terms of Use which includes disclaimers for any blog posts you create on your website.

Client Care Pack

Legal Industry – Client Care

In order to comply with your legal obligations under the SRA principles, you must supply your clients with certain information. Your terms of business must comply with Consumer Rights Act 2015 and Consumer Contract Regulations 2013. You also must supply a privacy notice to your clients informing them of how you will process their personal data. This pack includes Terms of Business, Client Care Letters for different legal areas and Privacy Notice to be issued to your clients.

Legal Industry – GDPR Pack

As a legal services provider you must not only comply with SRA principles, you must also comply with GDPR. The GDPR Pack includes all the necessary templates for you to carry out an Audit and Data Mapping, it includes Data Protection Policies, Information Security Policies, Appropriate Policy Documents and DPIAs and Processor Agreements. The Pack includes a practical guide for law firms with pre – filled considerations which will save not only time but money as well. 

Do you need bespoke support?

Although our documents and templates are intended to be suited for all the circumstances within your industry, contact us if you require bespoke support.

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Freelance Solicitors

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Setting up a Law Firm

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GDPR for Law Firms

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IR35 & Consultant Solicitors

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