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Whatever your strategy for growth, your need to hire someone, your wish to take up office space, your intention to commit to purchase or supply a larger quantity of product/services than usual are signs that your business is growing. Unfortunately as your business grows so does the risk. It is therefore crucial that your business gets the right legal support during any big transition.

Our aim is to get small and medium businesses legally protected in a most simple and affordable way. We aim to get to know you and your business. That is why our consultation is free. Whatever your needs we will work together to find the best solution for you and your business. 

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How we can help?

Employment Contracts

If you intend to hire someone, it is a legal requirement that you issue them with an employment contract. Get your employer’s documentation ready.

Manufacture & Supply

If you are intending to buy for your use, or buy to resell, it is important that your manufacturing and supply agreements are watertight.

Consultant Agreements

If you hire a consultant it is important that you have a contract with protects the sensitive information of your business.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you intending to expand your business by buying shares or assets of another company? Avoid costly regrets by instructing us to carry out due diligence.

Staff Handbooks

Tell your staff what you expect of them by defining your organisational rules. Put policies and procedures that set out those expectations clearly.


Ensure that your website is compliant. Have you terms of business (whether you are selling to business or consumer) protect your business.

Hiring People Checklist

You must comply with certain requirements before you hire people under data protection law, employment law and health and safety laws as well as immigration law.

E- Commerce Checklist

You must comply with strict rules when selling online. If you don’t you could be made to provide the goods or services as agreed, pay compensation or be given an unlimited fine and event prison sentence.

GDPR Checklist

Falling foul of GDPR can result in penalties that are 20 million euro or 4% of all global turnover whichever is greater. Check your compliance status now.

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